No Moto X for Europe - but something 'exciting' on the way instead

The highly customisable Moto X won't be one of the "exciting" Motorola devices to hit European shelves any time soon.
Written by Liam Tung, Contributing Writer

Europeans hoping to grab one of Motorola's new Moto X smartphones will be disappointed by news that the device won't be released on the continent.

Google-owned Motorola has decided to pass over Europe for the launch of the Moto X although, according to a Motorola UK spokesperson, Europe will get a new "exciting" device portfolio soon, but just not the Moto X.

"There are no immediate plans for Moto X in Europe but we have very exiting plans in store for Europe as part of the portfolio of products. Moto X is just the start," the company told ZDNet in a statement.

For now, the Moto X will only be released in the US, Canada and Latin America, and is being assembled, post-customisation, locally — in Google's new assembly plant in Fort Worth Texas that was once occupied by a Nokia facility.

Buyers can choose from 2,000 possible device options depending on which front, backs, accents and memory they choose, with the device assembled at the plant and shipped within a week.

The Moto X is selling in the US from $199 on a two year carrier contract and somewhat surprisingly, it will come with Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, not the latest OS, 4.3.

Motorola is also planning to release a line of smartphones priced to challenge the $600 price tag consumers face in international markets where phone subsidies are less common, ZDNet's sister site CNET reports.

Others that are making a play for more cost conscious consumers and first-time smartphone buyers include Nokia with its Windows Phone 8 Lumia 520 and 625, while Apple is also rumoured to be launching a cheaper, plastic iPhone.

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