Novell buys SilverStream to boost web services offering

Utah's finest on the acquisition trail again...
Written by Suzanna Kerridge, Contributor on

Utah's finest on the acquisition trail again...

Novell has bought SilverStream Software tod0ay in a bid to bolster its web services offering.

The networking software giant has agreed to pay $212m cash, or $9 a share, for the company.

The move should calm analyst fears that Novell's One Net web services vision will be a poor relation to rival strategies from IBM and Microsoft, as it previously lacked an application server platform.

But SilverStream's J2EE-based application server and web services engine should enable Novell to build cross-platform applications.

The deal also means Novell will inherit an integration server, allowing access using XML to back-end legacy systems.

The acquisition is expected to close in July - exactly one year after Novell finalised the buyout of consulting company Cambridge Technology.

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