NT 4.0 bug was squashed early - MS

Microsoft today rebuffed suggestions that the security bug that brought Windows NT Server 4.0 CD-ROM production to a sudden stop last Friday could cause problems for customers.
Written by Martin Veitch, Contributor

The firm claimed that less than 50 disks had been stamped before the discovery of the bug, which would have let unauthorised users read and delete files. According to one news report, the bug was found by a beta tester who called to ensure it had been squashed. The bug caused Microsoft to cease production for the day. Disks with the bug have the version number 1381; the fixed version has a dot at the end (version 1381.).

"It was a slight hiccup and not really a big deal," said Mark Hassall, Windows NT Server product manager. "We fixed the problem very quickly and we're still on target to ship in the UK at the end of August or beginning of September. The effect will mean at most one or two days delay in the product going out to distribution."

Hassall said there was no chance of customers being affected by the bug. "Most of the disks were going to reviewers. I'm not saying that some customers who needed early copies couldn't have got them but if so we know who they are and we will make sure they get the fixed version."

Manufacturing for Europe will take place in Ireland. Hassall said no disks have been released in Europe as yet.

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