NTT DoCoMo to trial remote-monitoring technology for aged care

It will monitor the way people living in aged care facilities and homes move, from when they walk to whether they fall.
Written by Campbell Kwan, Contributor

NTT DoCoMo and aged care startup Tellus You Care announced on Friday that they will conduct a proof-of-concept trial of a technology that remotely monitors people in aged care.

According to the Japanese carrier, the trial technology is a non-wearable smart device that wirelessly detects and communicates human activities in indoor locations. For the trial, the plug-in devices will be installed in elderly facilities and homes, and where aged people live alone.

The device will not use cameras, NTT DoCoMo said, in order to protect against the privacy of aged people being lost. Instead, the device reportedly uses radar-wave technology to monitor the conditions of residents, such as their respiration and heart rates, sleeping and walking patterns, to even when they have accidents such as falling.

The information collected from the device will be sent to families or care via their smartphones.

"By promptly identifying abnormal situations, the solution enables families and caregivers to respond quickly, thereby helping to ensure the safety of those being monitored," NTT DoCoMo said.  

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The trial is a part of NTT DoCoMo's TopGun project, which aims to brings the company and startups together to develop innovative solutions across various sectors.

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