Nuggets: 2MB Palm IIIe to hit playgrounds

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Cyber toy for playground is Palm's ickle brother.

3Com, unsurprisingly, wants the next must-have playground accessory to be its Palm PDA, so it's launched a special edition aimed squarely at the yoof market. The Palm IIIe is a pared down version of its slightly more expensive predecessors and has a consumer friendly transparent flip case design.

The cut in price has meant a reduction in memory from 4MB to 2MB. Although the spec sounds pretty poor, it's aimed at people without huge expense claims and reams of business appointments. Two megabytes can hold up to 6000 addresses, five years of appointments and 200 email messages, surely enough for the needs of a younger brother or sister.

The IIIe runs on version 3.1 of the Palm OS, comes with Palm Desktop software and features infrared beaming for sending test answers around the classroom.

To get hold of a IIIe you'll have to mosey over to Dixons: Palm has teamed up with Freeserve to make sure you lot get a CD for signing up with the company's ISP.

Available now for £199.99.

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