Nuggets: A CD in 6 minutes? Certainly sir

LaCie has brought out what it's confident is the fastest CD recorder around

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The SCSI-2 drive, christened the CDRW-12432s+, writes at 12x, which will give you a brand new bootleg, err.. I mean backup, CD in about six minutes. It rewrites at an equally impressive 4x and reads at a pretty standard 32x.

Now what's got La Cie really hopping around with excitement is Sanyo's BURN-Proof (Buffer Under-Run) technology, featured in the drives. La Cie claim that this clever piece of tech eliminates any chance of buffer runs when recording at the high speed of 12x.

Burn-Proof makes sure that a PC can deliver data to the recorder's buffer in time, preventing the frustration caused when your recording goes end-up. This is particularly useful for slightly older equipment as it automatically adapts to system speed and throughput.

The drive comes with the company's Recording Utilities CD package. This includes Adaptec CD Creator and Adaptec Toast Standard Edition for Macs. If you're an open source freak you can download X-CD-Roast for Linux. You also get a blank CD-RW thrown in.

The drive's out in March and La Cie has kindly given three different options to play with. The internal drive is £279, the external drive with BlueCD casing will be £299 and the top of the range external stohl metal cased drive will set you back £329.

Oh, there's also a version coming out next month, not featuring the Burn-Proof technology. But as it'll be no cheaper you may as well hold off for a few weeks more.

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