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Written by Justin Pearse, Contributor

CD-R... at a price

If there's one thing LaCie likes doing in my humble, yet authoritative opinion, it is charging way over the norm for it's products. It's £269 CDRW-6416 drive is no exception.

So what do you get for all that dosh? Writing speeds are 6x to CD-R, which burns a CD in around 12 minutes, and 4x to CD-RW. The drive only reads at 6x but LaCie has got an explanation (wait for it ...). Apparently as the drive is based on the partial CLV/CAV technology -- it automatically switches from CAV to CLV when it detects an audio CD -- it will reader faster than 32x drives.

It comes with the usual Adaptec software for PCs and Toast for Macs. Linux users have to download X-CD-Toast. There's a d2 stackable model, and a Silver CD portable model. The Silver CD is designed by Scottish designer Neil Poulton, says LaCie. Like, do we really care?

This is an awful lot of money when you compare with, say Memorex' latest offer equally speedy performance for under £200.

The CDRW-6416 is out next month, if you've cash to burn.

Oh and in case you're at all interested, Nuggets in French is -- pépite d'or -- ain't it cool!

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