Nuggets: Divided smartphone concept from Ericsson

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Written by Justin Pearse, Contributor

Good chums rework ol' favourite...

Those gadget gods at Ericsson and Psion have obviously been getting very pally while working together on Symbian, developer of the EPOC operating system. So much so in fact that Psion has agreed to manufacture Ericsson's first attempt at a palmtop.

I guess that with all its work developing EPOC, Ericsson thought it deserved to be able to sell something that uses the damn thing. No surprise then that the Ericsson MC218 "mobile companion" is the spitting image of a Psion handheld. The MC218 (yes we know it's a stupid name for a Psion...) supports the WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) and comes supplied with an Ericsson D127 Infrared Modem.

Ericsson is marketing this device as a "divided smartphone concept" which roughly translates "it's only compatible with an Ericsson GSM mobile phone".

Cunning move guys.

Software applications include "postcard", which lets you send text, digital pictures and drawings. There's free access to the Ericsson Mobile Internet, and "My Phone" software synchronises the numbers on the handheld with those on an Ericsson mobile.

In the shops now for just under £400.

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