Nuggets: End cable oppression

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Written by Justin Pearse, Contributor on

Cords, leads, cords, leads, cords. The more stuff you chuck on your PC the more electrical spaghetti you've got splashed all over the place.

If, like us, you're sick of your legs forever getting tangled up in cable wilderness under your desk, you'll welcome any product that offers wireless connection.

The most annoying culprits among the trailing grey wires are the ones that spread-eagle themselves across your desk -- your mouse and keyboard.

Which is why it's nice of Eurotech to bring out a bargain keyboard and mouse infrared wireless combo. The keyboard's got 15 bonus multimedia keys, with 12 that you can program any way you want. Three power management keys give you power-up, sleep and wake functions.

The wireless mouse has an easy scroll button, four LED buttons for some reason, with a receiver located in the bottom of the keyboard to let you use it up to a metre away.

Would have been nice if the keyboard was wireless as well, but at least that's one of those pesky wires out of the way.

In the shops now for £29.99.

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