Nuggets: Fujitsu Siemens gets speedy

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Fujitsu Siemens is the next kid on the block to step up and offer support for Intel's SpeedStep Technology.

As you have on doubt heard umpteen times by now, this technology allows notebooks to power down their clock speeds when running on battery power.

Fujitsu like the sound of this, so it's incorporating it into its LifeBook range of notebooks.

At the bottom of the new offerings is the LifeBook E-6540. This has a Pentium III 600MHz processor, a 14.1-inch screen, 64MB memory, 9GB hard disk, 24 speed CD-ROM drive and an integrated v90 modem. In the shops now for £2,685 ex VAT.

Then there's the LifeBook X-7550, powered by a 650MHz Pentium III processor, which pushes the price up to £3,399 ex VAT. It features a 15.1-inch display, 128MB RAM, 12GB hard disk, DVD drive and internal modem.

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