Nuggets: Hi-Grade's UltiNote 750 makes PC power mobile(ish)

The punch of a desktop computer, and pretty much the same weight too

If it's raw power you're after in a laptop and don't mind having a strained shoulder or two, check out the Hi-Grade UltiNote AS8400 750MHz.

The only real drawback of all the functionality and power offered by Hi-Grade's UltiNote is that sometimes you feel as if you are carrying your desktop around with you.

This high-speed contender employs a feisty 750MHz Intel SpeedStep processor and 192Mb of SDRAM to put many more waif-like mobile models to shame. It also comes with all the bells and whistles you could want, including a DVD drive, a 10/100Mbit network port, a V.90 modem, USB power and a very clear 14.1 inch screen. There are also a pair of surprisingly clear speakers built discreetly into the front of Ultinote.

As for its looks, the Ultinote comes in a stylish two-tone silver design and comes with a classy leather carry case guaranteed to please executives.

Don't be fooled by the girth and mass of this notebook, however. The Hi-Grade UltiNote AS8400 750MHz packs a mean punch and is ideal for serious laptop users or those looking for a computer that can perform like a desktop and also be taken out of the office.

  • Hi-Grade UltiNote AS8400-750

  • Mobile Pentium III SpeedStep 750/500MHz

  • 3.15kg

  • 310x256x35mm

  • 14.1in TFT LCD screen

  • 12Gb hard drive

  • 192Mb RAM

  • Six-speed DVD/32-speed CD drive

  • PCI Aureal 3D-effect sound card

  • Ports: Serial, parallel, two USB, PS/2, infra-red

  • Internal 56k modem

  • £2,113 (inc VAT)


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