Nuggets: Iomega USBs its CD writer

CD-RW gets the Iomega touch

Determined to ensure its portable storage line doesn't lose out to the boom in CD-RW devices, the much maligned ex-darling of all things storage, Iomega, has launched a USB version of it own drive, launched last summer.

The ZipCD USB drive offers writing speeds of 4x and reading speeds of 6x and supports all CD-R, CD-RW and CD-ROM discs. Iomega is throwing in, as usual, some pretty useful packs of software to get you on the way to building up your CD collection.

Iomega QuikSync lets you create a simultaneous back-up copy of files within a designated folder. Avery Media Software means you can add a professional touch to your CDs, as the software lets you format CD labels and jewel case inserts.

For all CD copying functions there's Adaptec's brilliant Easy CD Creator and Direct CD.

At the moment the drive is only compatible with PCs, but Iomega promises it'll have Mac software and driver support in the next two months.

In the shops now for £229.

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