Nuggets: Kodak camera lacks lustre

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Oi, tight bloke... NO!

Following hot on the heels of the launch of its high-end DC280 two-megapixel camera, Kodak has launched a camera aimed at those who've just decided to take the first step into digital photography. The DC215 zoom is a megapixel camera that Kodak describes as a complete 'in-box' package, with everything you need to get shooting straight away. All this actually means is that you get a memory card and some software thrown in.

Just like every other digital camera in the shops then.

This 115mm x 43.3mm x 67.5mm snapper has a 2X wide angle optical zoom, a 1.8-inch colour LCD screen, a range of creative border templates and, well, that's about it really. The bundled software is Adobe PhotoDeluxe 3.0 Home Edition and ArcSoft PhotoPrinter Software V2.0, and you get a measly 4MB CompactFlash card (that's very, very tight Mr Kodak bloke) .

Available now for £349.99.

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