Nuggets: Last printer of the year from Epson

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Well hey good lookin'

It may have failed to catch your attention, but the end of the millennium is almost upon us. Epson is getting in on the celebrations by releasing the Stylus Photo 750 Millennium Limited Edition printer.

This is basically a jazzed-up version of its Stylus Photo 750, coming in a metallic silver finish and black case. Epson also promises that the presentation box and manuals all 'have a special look and feel.' Doubt anyone's going to rush out to get a printer because they fancy the manuals, but it may make it a more attractive Christmas present.

Epson claims it's the fastest inkjet printer on the market, offering 6ppm mono and 5.5ppm black and white, giving resolutions of 1440dpi, so not bad then...

It's in the shops now for £219.

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