Nuggets: MS Mouse puts the chic into geek

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Written by Justin Pearse, Contributor

Who's a clever rodent?

After 30 years of basically the same design, the humble mouse is in need of a facelift.

IntelliMouse Explorer is the new supermodel mouse from Microsoft. The rodent is finished with an industrial-silver with a glowing red underside and taillight (designed in Essex perhaps?), arguably an improvement on the bland, beige models we're used to. However the really revolutionary development, is the absence of a mouse ball and all associated moving parts.

Using Microsoft's IntelliEye technology, this mouse comes with an optical sensor and digital signal processor. The sensor captures snapshots of the work surface, which are translated by the DSP into on-screen movements. Microsoft says this results in smoother, more precise pointer movement and no moving parts to clean.

There are two customisable function buttons and a scrolling and zooming wheel. This flashy mouse will be out in the US in September for $74.95 (£45), no UK details available yet.

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