Nuggets: Posh mice get USBed

Get your mouse-in-a-box while it's hot

Those rodent-friendly chaps over at Kensington have brought out USB versions of their favourite mice. The sweetly named Mouse-in-a-Box is symmetrically designed for both right and left handed people and has got one of those incredibly useful scroll wheels for shooting up and down long pages. It comes with Kensington's MouseWorks software, which lets you customise the buttons with a range of settings.

The second mouse that Kensington has USB-ed up is the Orbit trackball. This too can be used by right and left handed users. The ergonomic design is meant to "encourage the natural motion of the fingers", apparently.

Both are out now, the Mouse-in-a-Box for £14.99 and the Orbit for £19.99.

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