Nuggets: PPCP gets your Cassiopeia online

Mobile Windows CE modem, with just one cable attached...

PPCP has launched what it claims is the UK's first CompactFlash GSM card for Windows CE devices.

Made by US manufacturer Socket Communications, the Digital Data Card lets you connect CE handheld PCs like the Cassiopeia to your GSM phone for sending and retrieving data.

It slots into the CompactFlash slot of your PDA, and has the advantage over software modem kits in that there's only one cable dangling around. The card comes with a CompactFlash-to-PC Card adapter so that you can use it with the bigger CompactFlash slots found on notebooks and the like.

The Digital Data Card is compatible with the Ericsson 600, 700 and 800 series, and the Nokia 6110, 5110, 6150, 8110 and 3110 handsets. It comes with GSM communication software and programmes for handling SMS messages.

Out now for £115.

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