Nuggets: Pricey scanner from Epson

Scantasic from the boys at EpsonEpson, which simply refuses to take a break from announcing new products, launches yet another new scanner -- this time a flatbed for high end users.

Giving 1600x3200 dpi optical resolution, the Expression 1600 features four of Epson's own scanning techniques, which it's rather proud of, actually. These include Micro Step drive for high resolution, Dynamic Range Control for transparencies, Simultaneous RGB scanning for gathering colour information, and Precision Optical Lenses for sharpness.

Another feature is Dual Position focus, which gives pinpoint focusing for reflective and transparent media. You can also go for optional film holders, which get rid of Newton rings by holding the transparency away from the bed of the scanner. The Dual Focus system sorts out accuracy adjusting the focus.

It comes bundled with a goody bag of software, including Adobe Photoshop LE, Xerox TextBridge Classic, Presto! PageManager and Epson Twain Pro.

In the shops now for £639 + VAT.

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