Nuggets: Primax scanner needs just OneTouch

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Prosaic Primax is a stunner

The prime concern of vendors recently seems to be to get their scanners featured in Wallpaper magazine. Witness Agfa's translucent blue model and Cannon's claim that its model is designed according to 'akazuki and katana principles'.

Primax takes a slightly more prosaic attitude to its new model, claiming only that 'its easy to use'. The OneTouch 7600 -- also available in stunning USB -- has the standard 600-ppi optical resolution and 36-bit colour depth and comes bundled with Visioneer PaperPort and OCR software, and MGI PhotoSuite 8.06 imaging software... phew!

The Custom button allows you to send a scanned document to any application or email programme, and this as well as all other buttons can be customised. The PaperPort software builds icon links to your applications, allowing you to drag and drop thumbnails of scanned documents straight into them. In addition to English the OCR software recognises Spanish, Italian, German and French. Available now for £99 -- the USB model will set you back another £20.