Nuggets: Sporty mouse in chrome... darling

Little UK accessories company Lindy has designs on your mouse.

The latest in Lindy's rodent range is the Cromo Mouse. Going ever so slightly over the top, the company says that the mouse is inspired by the design of classic sports cars and bizarrely states that its packaging "suggests the influence of eau de toilette".

OK, we know, but don't let it put you off!

This otherwise conventional device comes with a chrome finish, which Lindy says is made from a far tougher version of conventional chrome to prevent too much wear and tear.

The company reckons its come up with a 'unique' new design for maximum comfort. The mouse has a higher and shorter body than normal, meaning that the hand sits high on the back of the mouse, allowing the fingers to lie on top of the buttons.

In the shops now for £39.99.

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