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Written by Justin Pearse, Contributor

The first of many is here...

The next step for MP3 hardware has got to be for manufacturers to come up with standard hi-fi units tailored to play MP3 files -- very cool.

Enter the Brujo MP3 Player, from Netdrives, the first of a new breed of MP3 system.

This is an 11x8x4-inch stackable unit that jacks straight in to your stereo system. Once you've burned your downloaded files onto a CD you just slip it into the Brujo player, which automatically detects whether a CD contains MP3 files or standard CD WAV files, for up to 11 hours of continuous playing. It features 63 track playlist programming, shuffle, repeat and scan modes, and a 31 key infrared remote control.

At the moment the company is only selling over the Web; if demand is high enough it will begin international distribution. Surprisingly, thus far most orders have come from (in order), Brazil, England and Israel. One should be winging its way over here soon. Soon as it arrives we'll let you know what it's really like.

Available now for $299.99 (£185).

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