Nuggets: Three Kensington snappers

Kensington comes out with a photo finish...

New from Kensington is the VideoCAM series of PC cameras for Mac and PCs.

There are three initial models in the range, all of which offer 800 x 600 resolution, giving a choice of three types of sensor resolution: CIF, VGA and Super VGA. The Super VGA comes with a telephoto and wide-angle lens.

All the cameras come bundled with White Pine's CuSeeMe, scripting capabilities, Microsoft NetMeeting, NetMeeting Wrapper, Image Capture, Video Capture and email drag and drop. VideoCAM Works is also included, which lets you open any of the applications from one screen.

When you buy one of the cameras you also get access to Kensington's Digital Fridge Web site to post photos and videos for online access.

The CIF model is £49.99, the VGA is £79.99 and the SGVA goes for £129.99.

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