Nuggets: Thumbdrive gives bulky storage devices the finger

Storage has rarely been this easy, or this expensive
Written by Graeme Wearden, Contributor

If you don't like carrying big heavy kit around with you then you'll love the sound of Megapixels' ThumbDrive, at least until you see the price tag.

We're talking removable storage here, and the name of the game is portability. The ThumbDrive looks a bit like a standard cigarette lighter and is the same size as an average thumb (which probably explains the name). With capacities up to 256Mb, this sounds like a hassle-free way of carrying plenty of data around the place.

Hunky-dory, eh? Well, up until you cast an inquisitive eye over the suggested price list. For £69 you get yourself a 16Mb ThumbDrive, but if you fancy the 256Mb then you'd better start counting the pennies because you'll need around £659. Crumbs, you could pick up a whole PC for that price.

Cost apart, the Thumbdrive is pretty handy (geddit?). It plugs into a USB interface, and it is easy to install the drivers. USB means no fiddly cables, and you can't really get more portable than something you could carry in your sock.

Megapixels promises that 500Mb and 1Gb versions are coming soon, so if you're interested you'd better consider mortgaging the cat.

  • ThumbDrive from Megapixels

  • Portable storage
  • From 16Mb to 256Mb
  • 30g
  • 59x17x10mm
  • 16Mb: £69 (inc VAT), 32Mb: £109 (inc VAT), 64Mb: £199 (inc VAT), 128Mb: £339 (inc VAT), 256Mb: £659 (inc VAT)
  • USB compatible
  • Windows 98/2000
  • www.megapixels.com

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