Nuggets: Turn your Palm into a camera

Take snaps with your Palm... No really.

Palm fanatics are always looking for new uses for their beloved little organisers. Up step those nice folks at Kodak with a little something for them to play with.

The PalmPix camera is a very small device that clips onto the bottom of a Palm and turns it into a digital camera.

It has a fixed focus lens, 2X digital zoom and self-timer. Images are stored on the Palm, with each taking up about 100K of memory. Pictures can be viewed on the Palm's screen as greyscale images and then transferred to a PC through the HotSync cradle. They're then stored as JPEG or bitmap files, to be viewed as standard 640 x 480 images.

The camera is compatible with the whole Palm range and comes with Presto! Mr. Photo for editing, sharing and storing photos, and Image Carousel, a slide show and screen saver programme.

It starts shipping in the States next month for $179. No details yet on UK pricing or launch dates, but you can always buy it online.

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