Nuggets: Wappy days for Alcatel

The GSM World show in Cannes is WAPtastic!
Written by Justin Pearse, Contributor on

The telecomms industry has decamped en masse and headed down to Cannes for the GSM World Congress this week. When not swanning around on yachts several companies have taken the time to launch a variety of, surprise surprise, WAP products.

The rush of manufacturers to come out with WAP enabled handsets is good news for everyone who's been trying to get hold of one of the handful of Nokia 7110s in the UK.

Alcatel says that its One Touch W@p handset is the "first to be targeted at the consumer market sector." Which we can assume to mean, I hope, that it'll cost a lot less than Nokia's £150 7110 when pricing is decided.

The dual band GSM phone has a four line display and comes in four 'glossy' colours. There's the standard hands free speaker phone and EFR (Enhanced Full Rate) for digital sound.

If you keep your phone tucked away in your bag, Alcatel has come up with a handy little clip-on gadget that silently vibrates when you get a call. The One Touch is 122 x 48 x 25mm, weighs 150g and gives over four hours talktime or 130 hours standby.

Other useful and slightly less so features include a Euro converter, appointment reminder and 15 different ring tones.

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