One Year Ago: HP bashes clones with SoHo PCs from £763

This story first published April 30, 1997

Hewlett-Packard (HP) is hoping to build on its PC resurrection by adding clone-bashing low-cost systems to its SoHo-targeted Vectra 500 Series.

Prices start at £763 + VAT for an AMD K5-PR133-based model 320 5/133 with 16Mb RAM and 1.2Gb hard drive but no monitor. AMD K5-166 options are also available and all systems come with HP's Welcome Centre setup guide and Support Centre diagnostics and troubleshooting package.

Andrew Forsyth, small business PC product manager, said HP is focusing on business with up to 100 users and no MIS department. "Business is buoyant. AMD is supplying chips for just four of 15 or 16 products in the range but buying from both them and Intel gives us more price flexibility."