ONESeniors customers lose landline numbers for good

Customers of the failed over 55s telecommunications company, ONESeniors, have been told that they will permanently lose their existing landline numbers.

Customers of the failed over 55s telecommunications business, ONESeniors, who found their services cut earlier this month when the company went into administration, have now been told they will lose their landline numbers for good.

Vocus Communications, which last week bought the business and customer-base of iBOSS, One Telecom and ONESeniors after the companies were forced into administration , today told ONESeniors customers that they would not be able to keep their phone numbers.

"We have been advised today that the new receivers have terminated supply arrangements with Telstra. Telstra services were previously only suspended," said a Vocus Communications spokesperson today.

"The impact for ONESeniors customers is that they will no longer be able to keep their existing landline number. So unless they have already re-connected with a new provider, their existing number is lost and cannot be recovered. Any new services with a new supplier will require a new number."

The news will come as another blow to the thousands of customers who lost their service following the administration of AsiaPAC, One Telecom and iBOSS on 2 May.

Vocus Communications is recommending that customers reconnect with another provider of their choice, suggesting they approach iPrimus for a new service.

Vocus Communications entered into an arrangement with iPrimus to offer new services to customers who had been cut off after it announced that customers of iBOSS and ONESeniors who lost their service in the administration would not have their services reconnected due to the "complexity of web companies" it was left with after the sale.

The court-ordered administration of AsiaPAC, iBOSS and One Telecom also forced the business’s parent company, Conec2 into administration on 8 May, with 50,000 of the company’s customers being snapped up by Vocus when it acquired its subsidiaries' business.

iBOSS and One Telecom were previously owned by ispONE, until Conec2 acquired the businesses in August last year.

The first meeting of the creditors of Conec2 will be held in Melbourne on 20 May.

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