Oracle announces further investment in Brazil

The country remains a strategic priority for the firm as local infrastructure gets a boost.

Oracle is looking to double its datacenter capacity in Brazil with a new site planned for early 2017.

The company has announced that it is looking for a location to build the new site to add to its existing datacenter, which is located in the São Paulo city of Campinas and became operational in August last year.

The Campinas site, the company's 19th datacenter in the world, was created to meet the demands for software as a service (SaaS) and platform as a service (PaaS) services.

Some 33 billion transactions a day are processed by the current Oracle datacenter in Brazil, the equivalent to 700 PB of storage. The firm decided to build a second site due to the lack of physical space in the existing location.

The investment to be made in the additional Brazil datacenter has not been disclosed. A company's spokesperson said Oracle is not commenting further on expansion plans for the Latin American country.

However, Oracle's top executives often stress that Brazil is one of the company's top priorities in terms of markets outside the US.

"We are very much committed to Brazil. It's a great economy with lots of smart people and good companies. The recession will pass," said the firm's chief executive Mark Hurd.