Oracle updates its marketing tools for more impactful customer interactions

The latest round of updates comes as Oracle focuses on selling its marketing stack as a holistic suite.
Written by Stephanie Condon, Senior Writer

Oracle on Thursday announced a series of updates to Oracle CX Marketing within the Oracle Cloud Customer Experience suite. The updates are focused on helping organizations learn more about their customers and creating more impactful customer interactions.

The improvements come as Oracle focuses on selling its marketing tools in B2C and B2B product suites. The more holistic approach to marketing, Oracle says, will help organizations better leverage the growing number of data sources it has to manage, as well as a growing and dynamic list of channels that exist for reaching customers. 

"Traditionally, a CMO organization would have 48 different marketing automation tools, and each team is dedicated to knowing that tool, the data doesn't flow between tools, and the holistic picture doesn't ever really emerge," Shashi Seth, SVP of Oracle CX Marketing, said to ZDNet. "Part of our strategy has been, let's integrate these products with use cases in mind so you only have one dedicated team with only a few specialists... Let's do it holistically so you can shift your efforts and resources to the right channels."

As digital marketing grows more daunting, organizations are responding by growing their marketing investments, Seth said. For example, Oracle has more than 80 customers sending out more than a billion messages a year. The tech giant has customers in Brazil, Seth said, who need to sending out 20 million SMS's in less than an hour to reach customers at lunchtime. 

"This means our investment in scale, performance and reliability, is supremely important," Seth said.  

The latest updates include: 

  • New Account Based Marketing (ABM) Capabilities, including a new account engagement dashboard for Oracle Eloqua, a tool for B2B marketers. 
  • New Zoom, Webex and Microsoft Team Integrations with Eloqua to help reach customers on these platforms.
  • New Content Management Capabilities, including pre-configured and reusable content blocks within Eloqua. Eloqua's close integration with CX Content simplifies sharing content across teams.
  • New Personalization Capabilities for Responsys. This includes a new fatigue analysis feature to help identify when you may be sending too many messages to an individual. An intelligent audience selector can help you find more customers who will respond well to your marketing automations.
  • New Loyalty and Engagement Capabilities, including a new polling capability within Oracle CrowdTwist
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