Pagare band: Contactless payments, transit fares, and USB charging for Pebble Time

Hardware developers are launching Pebble Time smartstrap designs on Kickstarter and I can't stop backing the projects as the functionality of the Pebble gets extended.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer on
(Image: Pagare)

A couple of weeks ago we saw the first Pebble Time smartstrap product revealed in the form of the TYLT VU Pulse. I backed that project and look forward to the heart rate and wireless charging support.

After taking a four day business trip where I wore my Pebble Time all day and through the night, thanks to the step and sleep tracking now provided with Pebble Health, I am convinced the Pebble Time is one of the best smartwatch options currently available. I never brought along a charger and was able to make it back home with a functional smartwatch.

Yesterday, I backed another Pebble Time smartstrap on Kickstarter. The Pagaré NFC payment strap adds NFC contactless payments to your Pebble Time. It will work at all the locations you normally use NFC payments through Android Pay or Apple Pay, which amounts to more than nine million point of sale terminals who will accept Pagaré.

This is a phone-free solution too so if you are out jogging and need a drink, you will be able to pay for a Gatorade at your local store while your phone is at home.

(Image: Pagare)

Beyond mobile payments, the Pagaré smartstrap adds the ability to charge up your Pebble Time from any powered USB port. This is fantastic as the Pebble currently requires a proprietary cable and if you leave that behind on a long trip then you are out of luck. The end of the strap simple lifts up to reveal a USB end that you insert into a USB port.

I am also personally excited about the potential future uses of the Pagaré smartstrap. I use an ORCA card every day to tap and pay for my Sounder train commute. This new smartstrap may eventually work with transit systems, access control systems, and ticketing for things such as movie theaters.

There are several levels to back this project and I was able to get in on the $49 early bird special. The regular price of the Pagaré band is expected to be $89 with a launch planned for July 2016. Straps will be offered in red, white, and black, using the same colors and materials as the Pebble Time and Pebble Time Steel.

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