Control your holiday gluttony with the Pebble Health activity and sleep tracking service

Pebble announced a new firmware update that comes with the launch of new functionality for three of its watches.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer
(Image: Pebble)

It's easy to enjoy the cookies, chocolates, big family meals, and other overindulgences during the holiday season. Wearables offer a way to help motivate you to keep moving and try to resist some of those holiday treats coming into the office or at least help you burn off the calories gained. Pebble announced a timely holiday gift for Pebble Time, Pebble Time Steel, and Pebble Round owners with the launch of Pebble Health.

When I travel for business I regularly put my Pebble Time on my wrist because it will last a week without charging. I've tried using it with the Misfit app as a pedometer, but Misfit doesn't sync with Android so I gave up using my Pebble for activity tracking.

I'm excited to see Pebble finally launch a native activity and sleep tracker for its latest line. Pebble Health was developed in collaboration with researchers at Stanford and will track you daily activity and sleep automatically. It's great to see this data also appear in your timeline.

Rather than putting in the standard 10,000 step goal and seeing failure most days, Pebble uses a system similar to what Garmin offers and sets goals based on your own personal average so you actually can achieve success at times.

Pebble Health will automatically track your sleep and thanks to its long battery life that makes sense since your smartwatch doesn't have to live on a charger at night like the Apple Watch and Android Wear watches. Pebble Health also syncs to Google Fit and Apple HealthKit.

Developers will also soon have access to the Pebble Health API so we are sure to see some great apps in 2016 utilizing this new feature.

In addition to Pebble Health for the newest Pebble smartwatches, there is a firmware update for Pebble Classic and Pebble Steel that bring support for Pebble Time's 3.0 OS and timeline.

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