TYLT VU Pulse: First Pebble smartstrap adds heart rate monitoring and wireless charging

TYLT is launching a Kickstarter campaign with plans to release the first Pebble smartstrap by the end of the summer.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer
(Image: TYLT)

Pebble enticed me to back it a second time last year with possibility that developers would add GPS, NFC, extended battery life, and more with a Pebble smartstrap. It looks like the first such device will be coming soon, in the form of the TYLT VU Pulse.

The TYLT VU Pulse is launching as a Kickstarter project, but TYLT is known for high quality chargers, cables, and accessories so I have faith this project will be successful with the TYLT VU Pulse launching at the end of the summer.

The TYLT VU Pulse is designed to work with the Pebble Time, see my full review, to provide an integrated optical heart rate monitor and Qi wireless charging capability. It does this in the form of a protective shell that connects to the Pebble Time via the smartstrap accessory contacts.

Early bird backers can support the project for just $39 with other levels including TYLT watch bands. There is even a beta program option for $60 that give you a jump on everyone else by one to two months, with active feedback requested to help make the final product the best it can be.

The heart rate monitor will measure your heart rate in passive and active modes, with 30 minute or 10 second intervals, respectively. The newly launched Pebble Health service will serve as the baseline app, but you can also sync the data to Apple Health and Google Fit.

This accessory also adds Qi charging to your Pebble Time, which will be fantastic as I only have one cable and hate having to remember to bring it along when I travel. I have a few Qi-enabled devices and would love to have a single charger for several devices.

It's wonderful to finally see the smartstrap connector being used for extending the functionality of the Pebble. I'm excited to add both of these functions to my Pebble Time and am planning to back the project at the beta program level.

What other types of smartstrap accessories do you want to see for the Pebble?

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