PC transfer kit deal: Easily transfer your data with automatic disk imaging backup for $25

Unexpiring licenses to three efficient programs mean you'll never have to worry again about all of the most tedious chores associated with owning a computer.
Written by StackCommerce, Partner

It's always so exciting to get a new computer... until you start having to transfer all of your files, download new programs, and fiddle with all of the settings until you have everything exactly the way you want them. If you'd rather spend that time doing something a lot more fun, like trying out new gaming accessories, then you'll want to grab the PC Transfer Kit Bundle featuring PCmover Professional, DiskImage, & SafeErase while it's on sale. It has three non-expiring licenses for programs that will make transitioning to a new computer quickly and easy.

PCmover Professional has advanced migration features not only move all your data, but also all of your customizations. It's the only software that all the leading PC manufacturers, as well as Microsoft and Intel, recommend for migration purposes. If you use it for your business, it will save hours of time for your IT team and result in greater productivity with fewer calls to the help desk post-migration. Users are impressed with these results, with one Amazon reviewer, Theiner ICT, stating:

"We normally would need one and a half hours for migrating a profile and now it's ten minutes, max. You start the software on the new profile, you say 'migrate profile', click, click, click, and it's done. Super-fast."

DiskImage, the second program in this bundle, will remove all your worries about backup. It has a built-in scheduler that allows you to automatically create images of your PC, both full and incremental, even as it's being used. It will make an exact copy not only of your applications and files but also of your settings.

SafeImage rounds out this bundle trio by making sure the files you delete stays permanently deleted. While data recovery software can access files even from drives that have been formatted, SafeImage destroys your sensitive information so that no one will ever see it.

You really don't want to pass up this opportunity to get a lifetime of easy transitions from old to new computers. You'll never worry again about backup, data transfer, and file deletion again if you get the PC Transfer Kit Bundle featuing PCmover Professional, DiskImage, & SafeErase, and it's currently discounted 80% from the original $129 MSRP so you only have to pay $24.99.

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