PMC offers first Caller ID modem

PMC Consumer Electronics today launched the first UK modem to fully support Caller ID, a technology which tells the recipient the identity of the person making the call.
Written by Arif Mohamed, Contributor

The Microlin range comprises three 33,600bps modems: a voice model (£170 + VAT), a desktop model (£150 + VAT) and a PC Card model (£170 + VAT). It also includes the Microlin Gold (£120 + VAT), a 28,800bps unit.

"The killer app [for Caller ID] which will transform the SoHo arena will be in contact management software," said Steve Lister, managing director of the Shipley, West Yorkshire-based firm. "We're currently choosing a package that will be bundled with the Caller ID modems."

PMC Consumer Electronics can be contacted by telephone on 0990-561001.

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