Price drop: Latest Kindles have never been this cheap on Amazon

These are historic-low prices.


(Image: CNET)

Amazon regularly discounts its own products throughout the year. But its latest mark-downs on the newest Kindles have our attention because we've never seen the e-readers be available at such low prices before on Amazon.

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While its difficult to track pricing across every retailer, we can easily see price histories on Amazon through CamelCamelCamel. It's currently showing that Amazon is offering $45 off the new Kindle Paperwhite and $30 off the latest Kindle, bringing their prices down to all-time lows of $85 and $60, respectively. That's what they were on Black Friday!

Otherwise, they've never been this cheap on Amazon. So, if you missed your chance to grab one in November, now is the time. In our review of the standard Kindle, we said it offers an excellent reading experience and described it as the most affordable Kindle available. CNET, our sister site, also really loved the Paperwhite, calling it the e-reader for the masses.

The main difference between the Kindle and the Paperwhite -- besides the price -- is that the latter has a higher-resolution display (167ppi versus 300ppi), additional LED, IPx8 waterproofing, more storage (8GB or 32GB, versus 4GB), and fewer color choices. The Paperwhite comes in black or twilight blue, while the Kindle is limited to black or white.

Either model, however, is suitable enough for you to read all those new books on your New Year's resolutions list.

Amazon Kindle

Regularly $90

(Image: Amazon)

The latest Kindle is 33% off on Amazon. 

Look out for the payment plan option at checkout as well, because Amazon is offering some shoppers the chance to purchase on a five-month payment plan.

$60 at Amazon

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

Regularly $130

(Image: Amazon)

The Paperwhite is 35% off on Amazon. Again, look out for the payment plan option.

$85 at Amazon