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Prime Day 2020? Amazon kicks off huge sale with deals on 38 Amazon devices

Uh, did Amazon quietly kick off Prime Day 2020? No, but it sure looks like it.


(Image: ZDNet)

Have you been eyeing the Echo Dot? Or maybe the Fire TV Stick 4K? What about the Echo Flex, Fire HD 10, or Ring Alarm system? Well, all these Amazon devices, plus dozens of others, are discounted as part of a huge sale on Amazon right now

Amazon has discounted 38 products in all -- even its Smart Oven, which is featured as part of a bundle where you get an Amazon Echo Show 5 for just $10. We've cherry-picked a few of the best deals in the sale and highlighted them below. 

Amazon hasn't said how long the deals will be live so better hurry and get them now.

Is this Amazon's Prime Day 2020 sale?

Amazon confirmed to ZDNet that its annual Prime Day extravaganza has been delayed until Q4, likely due to the coronavirus pandemic. It's worth noting, however, that Amazon's webpage for this latest sale says "Prime Day 2020" in our browser tab (see image above) and when we share the link on social media. However, Amazon told us this sale is, in fact, not Prime Day. 

Interesting, right? As a result, anyone -- not just Prime subscribers -- can shop this particular sale.

Amazon Echo Dot

Save $20


Amazon's smallest Echo speaker with built-in Alexa, the Echo Dot, is 40% off as part of this sale. That's a fantastic price that usually only happens a couple times a year -- like during Prime Day.

Amazon Echo Dot with Clock

Save $20


The Echo Dot with Clock -- which is exactly what it sounds like -- is also on sale. You can get it 33% off. It comes with Alexa and works just like the Dot, only it has a clock on its face.

Amazon Echo Flex

Save $7.50


You can get the Echo Flex for less than $20! This little guy has Alexa and a decently sized speaker inside of it, so if you get a bunch for each room, you can create a modern intercom system in your home.

Amazon Fire HD 10

Save $50


With school starting back up, now is the time to invest in a tablet. And wouldn't you know it, Amazon's largest Fire tablet, the Fire HD 10, is 33% off as part of its sale. This slate doesn't have Play Store, but there is an Amazon App Store, a web browser, and tight integration with many Amazon services, including Kindle. 

Amazon Echo Auto

Save $20


Want to use or access Alexa from within your car while on a business trip? Then get Amazon's official Echo device for vehicles. Called Echo Auto, it's a breeze to set up, and for a limited time, it's 40% off. Not bad!

Amazon Echo

Save $30


We have to mention the original Echo. It's 30% off and makes a great addition to any home office.

Amazon Echo smart home bundle

Save up to $75


We would say last but not least, but honestly, there are dozens of other Amazon devices on sale -- including bundles where you can get multiple Amazon devices at a discount. Amazon is offering up to $75 off Amazon Echo smart home bundles. You can save $50 on the Echo Studio with Amazon Smart PlugBut, for instance. 

But there are also bundles on Ring devices and more. Check out the full sale to see all the deals!