Pro to overtake Pentium in 1997

PC vendors are preparing to put the Pentium processor on the back seat sometime in 1997. The huge-selling part will give way to the Pentium Pro when the latter becomes the chip-de-jour early or late next year, depending on who you believe.
Written by Martin Veitch, Contributor

While nobody can dispute that the Pentium has been a big success in all sectors despite the maths flaw fiasco of 1994, the Pentium Pro is making strong inroads, particularly on the back of Windows NT sales as users catch on to the idea of a 32-bit future.

"We're definitely seeing a huge increase in Pentium Pro sales, although it would be wrong to say it's a majority of our business," said Peter Hubbard, marketing director of Dell UK. "We have been a leader in the transition to new processors and have seen big take-up in Pro. We expect our sales of Pentium Pro systems to overtake Pentium in the first quarter of next year."

UK direct seller Elonex was more conservative, with a spokesman saying the firm expects Pro sales to best Pentium in the second half of next year.

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