Programmer, back-end developer or system consultant: Which tech jobs are the hardest to fill?

Vacancies for some senior tech jobs are now open for two months or more.
Written by Steve Ranger, Global News Director

Software engineers, senior programmers and back-end developers are among the tech professionals that are the hardest to recruit.

Over half of job ads for eight tech roles including systems consultants, senior technology consultants and senior back-end developers remain unfilled for at least two months, according to recruitment website Indeed.

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The hardest to fill role is that of senior data modeller, with two thirds (65%) of job vacancies left unfilled after 60 days. But even employers looking for less niche roles are finding recruitment hard; 56% of ads for senior programmers have not been filled in 60 days, despite a £45,000 salary. Organisations hunting for systems consultants will have to pay about the same and are also in for a long wait before finding a recruit. The top paying job on the list of hard-to-fill roles is that of principal software engineer at an average salary of £62,000.

Image: Indeed

According to Indeed, the top 10 hardest to fill tech jobs pay on average £47,460.

The UK's tech sector continues to be buoyant; tech salaries have grown for the third year running and salaries for some in-demand programming skills including Java and PHP are rising rapidly. According to London & Partners, London remains top destination for international tech companies looking to expand or set up an operation outside of their own country. The capital has also attracted more foreign direct investment projects from overseas tech companies than any other city in the past 12 months.

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