Pure Storage releases FlashBlade Purity 3.0 for unstructured data

The advanced software offers unified file and object storage, designed to support app development, analytics and data protection.
Written by Stephanie Condon, Senior Writer

Pure Storage on Monday announced the release of FlashBlade Purity 3.0, the latest generation of its storage software for unstructured data. The new version includes as series of new features to support real-time performance for app development and analytics, as well as new data protection capabilities. 

The focus on real-time performance, Pure Storage says, makes FlashBlade well-suited for modern architectures, where compute and storage are disaggregated. 

"FlashBlade is so unique because it is designed from the ground-up for tomorrow's data pipelines and real-time analytics applications, with simplicity, ease of use and performance in mind --  something that legacy storage vendors struggle with," Matt Burr, Pure Storage VP and GM of FlashBlade, said in a statement. 

The new version includes file replication with read-only data in the target replication site, enabling data validation and disaster recovery testing. It includes object replication to provide lower access latency and increased throughput for geographically distributed users. 

It also features Filesystem Rollback, enabling the fast recovery of File systems from snapshots, as well as Kerberos for authenticating users connecting to NFS v4.1 file systems on FlashBlade. The new version also includes improved security and monitoring capabilities with audit logs and SNMP support. 

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