QuintilesIMS to build its health IT tools on Salesforce

QuintilesIMS is betting on Salesforce's platform in what amounts to a big health care and life sciences win for the cloud provider.

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QuintilesIMS, an health IT services and contract research provider, said it will feed data into Salesforce's platform and use the cloud provider to digitally transform life sciences companies.

The partnership highlights how Salesforce is betting big on the health care industry. QuintilesIMS said it will use Saleforce's platform to help life sciences companies move treatments from "molecule to market."

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QuintilesIMS is likely to give Salesforce a much broader footprint in the life sciences industry. Among the moving parts:

  • QuintilesIMS will build technologies on the Salesforce platform.
  • Those tools will add to products that QuintilesIMS has already built on Salesforce's Marketing Cloud.
  • The alliance is a multi-year effort, but terms weren't disclosed.

QuintilesIMS has more than 50,000 employees in 100 countries. Here's a look at QuintilesIMS on the data and services fronts.