Quotes of the Week, November 25-29

"After graphics, audio seems to be the next big buzz." - Dolby's David Fraser on squeezing five speaker sound into two speakers for PCs.

"The difference in price is because of the totally different chassis." - Sun's Ann French explaining why its latest Ultra 3000 and 4000 Java workstations are priced at £43,600 and £74,000, respectively.

"I should think that 10,000 to 15,000 people [using cable modems] by the end of 97 is very achievable. For the speed increase and lower cost it's a no-brainer." - Cable specialist Telewest's Nick George on the rise of cable.

"Attention: Please note that improper use of digital images and symbols included in the program is prohibited under the software licence agreement of this product." - Corel sticker on German versions of CorelDraw, after it was found to contain several items of Nazi clipart.

"Compaq is strong in UK corporates and has managed its installed base well, but Dell's really pushing its servers and has seen a 100 per cent increase in sales year on year from Q5 1995." - Dataquest's Chris Jones surveying the server market.

"We have felt the shortage of Pentium Pros almost from their inception." - Direct seller Roldec's Leon Poole weighing up pre-Christmas component shortages.