Racal follows BT lead with ISDN price cuts

Racal-Datacom has cut prices on its ISDN-2 products, on the heels of BT's charge restructuring a fortnight ago.
Written by Arif Mohamed, Contributor

Racal-Datacom's cuts, averaging 10 per cent, include the new DAP 6000 series of terminal adapters. The top of the range DAP 6300 Plus falls from £740 to £675; the DAP 6300 Lite from £645 to £595 and the DAP 6200 from £549 to £475. The DAP 4000 range also saw price cuts, with the top of the range DAP 4550 falling from £2,465 to £1,895.

Racal can be contacted by telephone on 01344-388000.

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