Raspberry Pi releases an official PC case that costs less than $10

For a little more than $50, you can now put together a tiny PC based on Raspberry Pi parts -- though you'll still need to pay for keyboard, mouse, and other accessories .
Written by Sean Portnoy, Contributor

The Raspberry Pi project -- making a dirt-cheap diminutive Linux PC based on an ARM processor (though now capable of running a custom version of Windows 10, too) -- has been a runaway success, with sales topping 5 million and an entire cottage industry popping up around the Pi and its rivals. While the Raspberry Pi foundation has built a few other parts to round out the Pi experience, it has never offered a case to house the Pi innards. Until now.

Like the components it's been built to encompass, the official Raspberry Pi case is small and budget friendly. In fact, the Raspberry Pi store sells it for just 6 British pounds (or $9.50 for us Yanks), which means you can purchase the Pi and its case for a little over $50 and have a complete computer that is easily portable. Of course, you still need to purchase input devices and the like, as ZDNet's own Ken Hess notably put in his piece, "Raspberry Pi: How I spent almost $150 on a $35 computer."

The case is made from red and white injection-moulded plastic that clips together, making assembly a literal snap. It provides access to the Pi's microSD card slot, four USB ports and its Ethernet jack, and the removable side panel allows you to reach the GPIO (general purpose input/output) pins that let the Pi function in so many different ways.

In addition to being available from the Raspberry Pi official store, the case will be sold via a few partner stores, including a few in the U.S. If you want to find out that list, or see the whole process of how the case came to be, head over to the Raspberry Pi blog for the complete backstory.

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