Raspberry Pi Store opens for business

The Raspberry Pi now has an accompanying store where users can download software, raw code, tutorials, tools or games for the Linux computer.
Written by Ben Woods, Contributor

The Raspberry Pi — the $35 Linux computer created to encourage young programmers and hobbyist software developers — now has its own app store, where users can download new apps and code.

Pi Store
The Raspberry Pi Store is open for business. Image: Raspberry Pi Foundation

The Raspberry Pi Foundation, the organisation behind the device, said in a blog post on Monday that it hopes the store will "become a one-stop shop for all your Raspberry Pi needs", including tools and tutorials, as well as software and games. "It's also an easier way into the Raspberry Pi experience for total beginners, who will find everything they need to get going in one place, for free," the blog added.

As many mobile, laptop and software vendors have realised recently, the Foundation acknowledges that it is the network of people enthused by the Pi project that will really make or break the new app store.

"As ever with things Pi, the community is going to be key to making the Pi Store great. As well as submitting your own projects — and there are tools in there to help you get started, like free sprite packages for budding games developers — you can help us out by reviewing and rating the stuff you download," the Foundation said.

The store was home to just 23 titles at launch, including LibreOffice and Asterisk, as well as games like Iridium Rising, Freeciv and Storm in a Teacup.

Users are able to download content from the store, as well as upload their own content for moderation and release. Similar to a number of other app stores, users who submit content will be able to choose whether to charge for it or make it available for free. If the user opts for free, they are still open to receive donations or 'tips' for their work.

However, unlike most other stores, the Pi Store allows users to submit binaries, raw Python code, images, audio and video too.

An updated version of Raspbian, which includes the Pi Store, is available to download now. Raspbian users can add the Pi Store application to their existing install by typing 'sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install pistore'.

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