Red Hat launches CloudForms IaaS, OpenShift PaaS platforms

Red Hat introduced two new cloud products called CloudForms and OpenShift at its annual summit Wednesday. The IasS and PaaS offerings will support all leading hypervisors and public cloud providers including Amazon and Rackspace.
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Red Hat introduced two new cloud products – CloudForms and OpenShift -- at its annual summit Wednesday.

 CloudForms, which is based upon the company-sponsored DeltaCloud project that is now part of  Apache--  offer sophisticated resource management, application deployment services and Infrastructure-as a Service offerings that help IT adminstrators implement private and hybrid clouds.  

The platform consists of a cloud engine for high level automation and abstraction services across multiple virtualization hypervisors and virtualized clusters, an application engine and system engine for  comprehensive application lifecycle management across multiple cloud providers and various Infrastucture -as-a-Service offerings including storage, messaging and high availability services.  It incorporates the next generation Red Hat Satellite offering for cloud management and monitoring.


Users can, for example, write automation scripts and applications to multiple providers using DeltaCloud APIs. This allows for portability across the entire cloud ecosystem, the company promised.




Red Hat launched the beta of CloudForms today and expects general availability in the fall. There will be subscription offerings but the terms were not released today.

 OpenShift, which was also launched in preview today, is a Platform-as-a-Service offering for developers. Like CloudForms, OpenShift supports multiple cloud providers and allows developers to quickly build their application and upload them to any cloud provider.  The PaaS -- operated by Red Hat -- will be available in Express, Flex and Power modes. The Express and Flex offerings were made availability in developer preview today and the Power option is coming soon. 


What differentiates the new Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offerings from competitors such as Amazon, Eucalyptus and RackSpace, is openness and portability, Red Hat said. That is, both products run on any virtualization hypervisor, virtualization clusters or any public cloud provider. CloudForms will run on top of  OpenStack, Red Hat noted.


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