The Works has been forced to close some stores because of a cyber attack

A "cybersecurity incident" targeting the retailer has caused issues with tills, restocking stores and making online deliveries.
Written by Danny Palmer, Senior Writer

A cyber attack has forced arts, crafts, toys, books and stationery retailer The Works to temporarily close several stores, and caused disruption to stock resupplies and delayed deliveries of online orders. 

The retailer, which has over 500 stores across the UK, says it has been subjected to a "cybersecurity incident involving unauthorised access to its computer systems". 

As a result of the cyber attack, some stores have been forced to close because of issues with tills, while replenishment of stock has been temporarily suspended. Customers who order items online are experiencing longer waits for their deliveries because of the incident. 

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The retailer says customer payment details haven't been accessed by intruders because credit and debit card details are stored securely outside of store systems by third-parties.

The Works has moved to assure customers that they can "continue to shop safely" both in stores and online. Store deliveries are expected to resume "imminently" and normal online services are gradually being restored. 

After being alerted to the incident, the company disabled all internal and external access to its systems, including email, whilst it worked to evaluate and rectify the situation. External cybersecurity experts have been appointed to aid with the investigation into the incident and aid with recovery. 

"To protect customers and the business, the company has made some immediate protective changes to further strengthen its security position," The Works said in a statement about the cybersecurity incident. 

"The company does not currently anticipate that this incident will have a material adverse impact on its forecasts or financial position," it added.  


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