Rubrik expands into data governance, other new markets

In just five years, the data management company has earned a $3.3B valuation; now it's rolling out new services and capabilities to help customers derive more value out of their data.
Written by Stephanie Condon, Senior Writer

In just about five years of existence, the data management firm Rubrik has built a significant business -- last valued at $3.3 billion -- by helping organizations replace legacy data backup systems with a modern platform that captures rich information about all the data it protects. Now, Rubrik is expanding its services and capabilities to help its customers get more value out of that data. 

Specifically, with its Andes 5.1 release, Rubrik is introducing new tools for data governance, disaster recovery (DR) orchestration, and continuous data protection. Polaris Sonar is a new SaaS tool that uses machine learning to automatically find, classify, and report sensitive data across the enterprise environment, mitigating the risk of data breaches and compliance penalties. The new Polaris AppFlows provides DR orchestration, DR testing, and application migration from data centers to Amazon Web Services (AWS). The new release also includes continuous data protection across Rubrik Cloud Data Management (RCDM) and the Rubrik Polaris SaaS platform. 

Both AppFlows and Sonar are now in beta.  

Polaris Sonar has seen a strong reception from beta customers, Rubrik says, such as the city of  Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Since adopting the service, the city has eliminated manual scripting and spreadsheet management, achieving operational savings of more than 90 percent. 

Tracking sensitive data is critical for all organizations dealing with compliance requirements, Rubrik's SVP of product & strategy Shay Mowlem said to ZDNet. Rubrik has prebuilt services to surface data relevant to maintaining compliance with HIPAA (the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), PCI ( Payment Card Industry) standards and GDPR (the EU's General Data Protection Regulation), among other policies. Customers can also build their own analyzers to search for whatever information they may care about, which Rubrik can then classify and make visible. 

Meanwhile, Polaris AppFlows offers natively-integrated DR orchestration of failover/failback, testing, as well as application migration from data centers to AWS. Enterprises can use Rubrik to convert VM snapshots into EC2 instances on an Amazon Virtual Private Cloud. While data backup and DR are typically somewhat separate segments, "there's tremendous synergy between the two," Mowlem said. 

Rubrik Andes 5.1 also brings with it several other enhancements, including automated cloud-native protection of large-scale AWS and Azure deployments via Polaris GPS. Rubrik also now offers Smart Data Tiering to Azure, which can automatically move data from hot storage to cold storage to achieve the most cost-effective data organization.

Rubrik on Wednesday also announced the re-launch of Rubrik Datos IO -- its NoSQL data management product -- as Rubrik Mosaic, with availability in Azure Marketplace. The latest version now protects DataStax Search indexes, supports backup and recovery of MongoDB 4.0 with transactions and delivers 3x performance improvements for data protection operations at scale. It also integrates with DevOps tools like Ansible, as well as with monitoring tools like DataDog and Splunk. 

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