S3 announces Mako PDA

No, it's not deja vu. You really have seen this PDA before
Written by Graeme Wearden, Contributor

The personal digital assistant (PDA) market welcomed a new member Tuesday as S3 announced the Mako, under its Diamond brand.

But don't get too excited, the machine is a rebadged Psion Revo Plus and will not be available outside the US.

The Diamond Mako is the first PDA from S3, which is better known for its MP3 players. Psion began selling the Revo Plus, which contains more memory than the original Revo and is WAP compatible, in September.

Running Psion's EPOC operating system, the Mako will support Word, email, a spreadsheet program and a web browser. S3 promises that synchronisation between the Mako and a desktop PC will be easy. Users should be able to sync to Microsoft Outlook and Lotus's Organiser and cc:Mail.

The Mako weighs 200g, and has a 157x79x18mm clamshell case small enough to slip into a user's pocket. It contains 16Mb Ram, and has a 480x160pixel touch-screen.

The Mako is due to ship in the US in November, costing $399.

Psion's shares were recently hit by news that Motorola and Palm plan to develop a new smartphone using Palm's software, rather than Psion's EPOC operating system.

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