Salesforce gives social media marketers a boost from Einstein

Within Einstein Vision for Social Studio, marketers will be able to quickly and efficiently find images for consumer insight, brand tracking, and customer service.


Salesforce is bringing its artificial intelligence capabilities to social media marketing, deploying Einstein Vision within the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Social Studio.

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Marketers already use Social Studio to engage with their customers on social media, publish posts, and track consumer sentiment on various social platforms. Now, they'll be able to use Einstein Vision to more effectively track image-based social media posts.

Einstein Vision for Social Studio is currently available for Twitter and will later be available for other social platforms. It gives marketers access to four types of image libraries, including two million brand logos, 60 scenes, 200 foods, and 1,000 objects.

"What marketers have been telling us is that social has really turned into a visual medium," said Salesforce's Robert Begg to ZDNet. "On Twitter if you open up a list or a feed, a good percentage are image based. Marketers need tools that help them figure that out in a way that's more automated than having every human being going through all those images."

Social Studio is one of several areas where Salesforce has integrated Einstein this year, and image recognition certainly has value when it comes to social media analysis: Deloitte predicted last year that people would share or store 2.5 trillion photos online in 2016.

There are three big use cases for Einstein in Social Studio: First, marketers can use it for consumer insight, to learn more about what kinds of people are posting images of their products or brand logos.

Marketers can also use it to simply track usage of their images and logos. For instance, if a company sponsors a major event like a music festival, it could use Einstein Vision to track all social media posts from the event that include any imagery of their brand. Additionally, the tool should help with customer service, enabling marketers to quickly spot inquiries about a product or other requests for help that include relevant images.


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The first new feature, Einstein Vision for Field Service, uses deep learning to help field service agents. Companies can use pre-trained image classifiers or train their own classifiers to handle various, specialized image recognition use cases.

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