Salesforce introduces employee tracking app for Trailhead

The new app enables businesses to assign Trailhead "trails" to employees and to track their progress.
Written by Stephanie Condon, Senior Writer

Salesforce on Tuesday rolled out updates to its online learning platform Trailhead, including a reporting feature that enables companies to track its employees' progress on the platform.

Called Trailhead Tracker, the new tool has been in high demand among the Salesforce community, Sarah Franklin, Salesforce's GM of Trailhead, told ZDNet. The reporting app connects directly to Salesforce and allows managers to track progress and assign "trails" to employees.

After employees have been assigned trails, a Saleforce administrator can enable them to view each others' progress, encouraging some friendly competition.

(Image: Salesforce.com)

The new app, Franklin said, "helps companies put a focus on learning from day one, from onboarding to ongoing learning."

Additionally, she said, it contributes to a "culture of learning" at organizations that can lead to higher retention rates: "When their talent feels they're being invested in, it gives employers an edge."

Since Trailhead launched in late 2014, more than 300,000 users have earned around 2.5 million badges. Those badges represent skills built in areas like digital marketing, building mobile apps, or learning about AI.

Salesforce on Tuesday also added a new "favorites" feature for Trailhead users, allowing them to tag content they're interested in learning about.

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